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We're seeking individuals to join our Fear Team for this Halloween season. We are seeking a group of individuals that like to entertain and have fun while scaring people to their core!

We’re looking for actors, security, make-up artists and individuals with strong construction and set building experience.   

Actor Requirements: No acting experience is necessary for some positions, while some acting roles will require experience. We’re seeking individuals with a love for Halloween and the haunt or horror genre. These positions requires a desire to do your best and excellent interpersonal and team playing skills. Acting in a haunted house can be both fun and rewarding. We look for actors that can show up on time, work weekends, and have transportation to and from work. If you've always wanted to dress up as your favorite monster, be someone else and run around scaring the daylights out of people and make money doing it, we have the position for you.   We supply several rewards, prizes and bonuses to our actors and in addition have several parties. Our season runs the last week in September and all of October.   

Build Out Crew Requirements: We need people to help us set up our attractions. This job will start the 3rd week of September and runs through opening day October 3rd. After we've installed the attraction, these people usually are also involved in other aspects of the haunt such as acting, security, etc. After the show is over, we also look for these people to help us tear down the attraction. Technically, we have work for some people from September through early November. The typical hours for installation run 10 to 12 hours per day. People interested in these positions must be able to work long hours, lifting, loading, hauling, and screwing walls together, etc. We also look for people with electrical experience, carpentry and set design backgrounds.   

Make Up Artists: Experience is a requirement for this position. You must be able to work quickly and most importantly be a creative person! To apply for this position you will be required to show us a portfolio and a possible demonstration.   

Crowd Control/Security: Experience is also required for this position. You must have excellent people skills! We need people with confidence, great conflict resolution skills and the ability to address a disruption to the operation without resorting to violence. It is important that you are physically fit and perform a variety of tasks including; helping open the attraction each night, clean up, monitor and tear tickets at the entrance of the haunted attraction.

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