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This is the information that currently has been gathered about Dr. Heinrach Severin and his family.

Heinrach Severin was a biomedical engineer from Austria who specialized in the research and development of micro implants, neural engineering and the regeneration of tissue.

Heinrach was forced to abdicate from his research facility in Austria after a regeneration experiment went horribly wrong. While doing research on regenerative tissue Heinrach had taken his experiments as far as he could with animals and started secretly testing on prison inmates at the Graz-Karlau prison.

A report obtained from the current Doctor of inmates at the prison states that a certain block of inmates started to act erratically and attacking other inmates without provacation. Incedents reported that the block of inmates had to be detained in solitary confinement to stop the attacks on others. The inmates exhibited rabid like behavior and inflamation of the brain that caused them to attack other inmates who would then start to exhibit the same behavior. The report stated that this was an aggressive strain of rabies that has never been recorded before.

Dr. Severin, fueled with hatred and trepedition over what happened in Austria, moved to the states to continue his research in private. Neighbors often complained to the authorities about strange sites and sounds that would eminate from the Severins abode.

The authorities visited the Severin's house several times and found nothing out of the ordinary or so they thought on the surface.

One particular policeman took it upon himself to check the place out late one night and made a gruesome discovery in the basement of the Severin's.

Deputy John Seymor, a 10 year veteran of the police force who had been missing for weeks after he made the fateful decision to visit the Severin's without backup, suddenly reappeared in the town square disoriented and shrouded in blood. He had an open wound to his skull where his skin had been peeled back exposing his brain. Witnesses exclaimed that John was speaking of terrible creatures that he came upon within the Severein's house and described John as having a rapid type of demeanor that he would slip in and out of, he would lunge at people while displaying a sort of morbid lunacy and then snap back into a calm disposition and continue to speak as though nothing had happened.

Upon the reappearance of John Seymor the authorities launched a full scale investigation into the Severin family. The house that the Severin's inhabited was found to be vacant of people but the gruesome interior remained.

Now, for the first time ever, the site where the Severin's was last known to inhabit, the site where currently the most grisly and unspeakable experiments took place will be open to the public for a limited time. Everything on the premises has been left as it was --

It's your choice now...

Do you confront your inner phobias and face your darkest fears, witnessing first hand the aftermath of the Severein's manical research, tempting yourself to enter his world?

If you dare -- you won't be the same.....