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Parental Guidance Warnings and Disclaimers

Mostly serious, but with a dash of levity

Parental Guidance Warning

***Ominous is not for children!***

Dear parents: we don't want to be accosted by you complaining about the fact that we may (or may not) have scarred your kid for life. Our house is NOT designed for young, impressionable minds. There is nothing funny or sweet about what we do. Know that if you choose to allow your children to enter our house they WILL be freaked out. You may have problems with bedwetting, night terrors and, perhaps involuntary possession. You have been warned.

Our performers will not be able to alter their performances for younger or vulnerable audiences. Our performers may also interact with the audience in the parking lot and on the grounds of the house. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

This haunted house is not a corporate sponsored event; it is done by a small group of dedicated performance artists. We go to great lengths to channel spirits of terror into our haunt. We take great pains to make certain that the chances of injury and death are minimal but you should be fully aware that this haunted house is not designed to be appropriate for children under the age of 12. The effects and content of the house can be disturbing.

Chicken Clause

Due to dozens of instances of patrons opting out before finishing their tour of Ominous, we have created the Chicken Clause. Our Chicken Clause is effective upon purchase of your admission ticket.

Ominous Official Chicken Clause: terrified boys and girls may take a "Chicken Exit" during your tour of the Ominous Haunt. Chicken Exits are few in numbers and may not be available at the exact time you wet your pants during your tour of the house. However, if you elect to end your tour, you will be directed to a chicken exit and allowed to leave the house but you will not be provided a refund. Once you exit the house, no readmission can be granted without purchasing a new ticket. Please tell your boyfriend not to get mad when we scare him, offend him or make him pee his pants. When he gets mad because his boundaries have been breached and the forces we invoke are bringing up his repressed memories from childhood he has to deal with it like a big boy. OK?

In conclusion, our creatures do not have an off switch and they do not understand what you are saying when you are screaming, “Stop! Ok! and Enough!” By the way, why not try a diaper? The puddle at your feet is disgusting and the smell is offending our guests.

Ominous is a high startle, in your face, interactive haunted attraction unlike anything you have ever seen. We are homemade, backwoods and yet we bring a tremendous amount of skill and knowledge to this event. We are PERFORMANCE ARTISTS and while in the house, you will come into the heart of our scenes. We have only one goal; to scare you. We do not claim to be "spooky" or "Halloweenie", nor do we claim to be in anyway child friendly.

You will be harassed, badgered, toyed with, confused, overwhelmed and generally taken to the edge of insanity. Your senses will be bogged down with extreme effects and the most bizarre creatures of the night to ever be unearthed. Ominous is a bloody, gory, graphic, intense, and horrifying, wet your pants, scream bloody murder, run for your life haunted attraction and operates as such. We do not grant mercy to women and children, or anyone else for that matter. This is the haunted house you have been asking for! Your challenge is to pay us a visit and see if you can survive.

Special Effect Disclaimer

The residents of the House have graciously requested that you be preemptively notified that the following special effects are used periodically throughout Ominous. Should you be subject to epileptic seizures, are pregnant, or have an existing heart condition or other medical problems, do not enter!

Among the freakish effects we use are:
• Strobe lighting and other disorienting lighting.
• Fog effects.
• Extreme darkness and pitch black.
• Intense sounds.
• Extreme visual effects, graphic imagery, and gore.
• Uneven flooring.
• Claustrophobic spaces.
• Performer and mechanical driven startle scares.
• Residual energy from the performance of forbidden rituals and ceremonies.

Lost Property

Ominous assumes no liability for lost or stolen items. Due to the nature of our event, we recommend not carrying any loose or valuable items through the haunted house, especially cell phones! Leave them in your car! Please speak with one of our staff members at the box office to fill out a lost items report.

Dozens of cell phones are lost each season with very few ever found. Leave them in your car!

We cannot stop the show to search for your missing item. Searches will be conducted the following day, when there is ample light to make a search. The following list of items is an example of things we often find that our patrons leave behind:

Items Often Lost

Please be sure to leave items that may fall off your persons in your vehicle. The following list of items is an example of things we often find that our patrons leave behind:
• Cell Phones
• Earrings and other jewelry
• Handbags and purses
• Wallets and hats
• Vital organs
• Other members of your party

Assumption of Risk

Ominous is a truly terrifying experience. The House is an event in which we seek to fully immerse our guests into the living art we have created. The house is dirty, sticky and gooey; there are items and events inside of our house that are, beyond a doubt, responsible for more than a few cases of incontinence. We draw upon our knowledge of the region, love of special effects and horror and our ability to effectively manipulate the forces of darkness that inhabit this area to bring you the fear we so greatly desire.

Our house is constructed of GREEN materials—this means recycled appliances, pallets, iron, steel and filthy cast off materials we gather from various unsavory sources. Nothing is new and shiny inside the house. There are incredibly dark areas, tight squeezes and the constant badgering of guests within the scenes. Should you freak out and start to run randomly around you may well crash into something sharp. If you do happen to become impaled on a prop and twitch slowly while your life drains out, we WILL call the paramedics...eventually.

Beyond that know that this house has been built with safety in mind—we do our best to remove the jagged pieces of glass, spray fire retardant all over the place, evict the black widows and hornets and generally clear up the natural and unnatural forces that are present and capable of doling out injury. Although measures have been taken, our haunted house may not be appropriate for everyone. Please review the following assumption of risk statement that follows before attending our event.

Enter At Your Own Risk

Ominous is an interactive Haunted House experience that is intended to scare, startle and surprise you. Therefore, in consideration of Ominous allowing you to enter the haunted house, you represent and promise that you voluntarily and expressly agree to release, discharge, and hold them, their owners, employees, volunteers, contractors, and other patrons harmless from any and all legal liability, property damage, spiritual obsession/possession or medical liability and personally assume all risks from any and all of their actions including, but not limited to negligent acts or strict liability acts.

Some of these risks are apparent: pregnant women, persons with heart conditions or other debilitating conditions, persons on mind-altering drugs or found to be intoxicated and persons with emotional or physical conditions should not enter the haunted house.

Other risks may not be apparent: you may be touched by performers or special effects. You may encounter subject matter of a personal or sensitive nature, you may well become subject to ... strange effects ... even days or weeks after coming into the house. Finally, Ominous contains dark hallways, confined spaces, moving parts, and frightening performers. Physical injury from them or from sudden reactions to them may occur.

Ominous may not be appropriate for your child. Children under the age of twelve (12) will not be admitted without a parent or guardian. If you would like information in regard to Ominous’ content, please visit our box office for further details.

Ominous is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property. If you believe you have lost property in the haunted house, please leave your contact information with the Box Office.

• Guests may not bring weapons or any items that could harm others.
• Guests may not taunt back. You are paying to be scared by us. Let us do out job. Guests who are abusive will be escorted out immediately…often on their ass.
• Do not hit, poke, taunt or disrupt our actors. We have, and we will, take legal action against those who introduce violence to our House.
• Please understand that some of our performers may not have reached legal age. Your bad behaviors in front of minors will not be tolerated.

Legal Disclaimers

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